When logged in to the back office, click "Orders." - All the order information will be displayed once users have placed a check out of the order.

Note: The orders grid is comprised of 5 tabs across the top which represent the status in the order process: 

  1. All - Orders made by all customers
  2. Confirmed - Customer has already made payment for the purchase
  3. Preparing - Products are received at the warehouse and are being readied to ship
  4. Dispatched - Order has been dispatched and is out for delivery
  5. Delivered - Order has been received by the customer
  6. Cancelled - Order has been cancelled by either the user in the app or on-behalf of the user in the CEM
  • Under the 5 orders grid, you will notice the order list that has been placed:
  1. Order # - order number
  2. Status - is either Confirmed, Preparing, Dispatched, Delivered, or Cancelled.
  3. Customer # - customer reference number
  4. Tier - tier of customer (VIP, Gold, Guest)
  5. Submitted - the date order has been submitted
  6. Delivery Date - when the order will be delivered
  7. Delivery Window - the time frame the order will be delivered
  8. Delivery Time - the time the order has been delivered.
  9. Total - the total amount for the order

Click “Edit” -  the 'eye' icon brings you to the order details, some of its details are explained below:

  1. Pending - Customer has placed the order in the app and is waiting to be processed
  2. Shipping  - Clicking the edit (pencil) icon allows you to manually override the delivery date & and time when necessary. The customer will receive a push notification about the change and an updated time slot.
  3. Cancel order - This allows you to cancel the order on behalf of the customer during Pending status only. 
  4. Add note - Add a noted relating to the order at any time, which will then show in the audit grid at the bottom of the screen on the order details
  5. Print - to print “Delivery Note” or “Invoice
  6. Items - To show how many items have been placed for this order
  7. Activity - the transaction activity for this order
  8. Delivery - the transaction activity if “Delivery service” is used: For example DHL, Lalamove