• When logged in to the back office, click "Orders", click “Setting
  • Select “Delivery Fees

  • Select “Zones” and click “+Zone

  • Name - Enter the unique name of the zone. For example state name, district
  • Destination countries - Select the destination countries where the items will be shipped. A country can only belong to a single zone.
  • Click “Save

  • Select the “Rate” tab, click “+Rate” and fill in the required fields as below:
  1. Country of origin - select the country where the items will ship from?
  2. Zone - select the relevant zone of the country
  3. Name - enter the name of a country or location 
  4. Price - is the shipping fees and it will be added to the total out upon checkout.
  5. Condition - set the preferable condition such as “Based on items weight”, “Based on order price”, “Based on number of items”, or “No condition”
  6. Set the “Minimum price” and “Maximum price” - The conditions used to calculate the available rates. Precedent will be given to weight-based conditions.
  7. Fulfillment Type - it is either “Delivery” or “Pickup”
  8. Fulfillment Schedule - it is either “Standard” as default pickup or “Special Schedule” as express pickup
  9. Click on “Save

Note: Zone

If your service delivery will be available to several different countries then you have to create a new zone each for each country,  as a new delivery fee for the concerned country.

Below is a full example: