To create a Google Developer account you must have a valid Google account. 

1. Once a Google account is available sign up to the page. A one-time fee of $25 USD will be required.     

2. After signing up, press Settings and look for Users and Permissions in the left panel.

3. Press Invite New User and fill in the below details and click Invite User.

- Email:

- Select access expiry date to Never

- Set permissions as per the screenshot

- Lastly press Invite User

Creating a Service Account for Google

The second part of the Google Playstore account set up is to retrieve the googleservices.json. This is a prerequisite prior to building the app.

1. From the Google developer account, press Settings then Developer account and select API Access

2. In the API Access page, scroll down and press Create Service Account

3. A window with instructions will pop up, press Google Cloud Platform.

4. Another browser tab will open the Google Cloud Platform console and route you to the Service Accounts page. Then you may press Create Service Account

5. In creating a service account fill in the 

  • Service Account Name for example Kaddra Devops Publishing Key
  • Service Account Description is optional.

6. You may press the Create button after.

7. After pressing Create you will be prompted to assign permissions. Search for the role Service Account User to assign and press Continue

8. You can skip granting users access and press Done.

9. You will then be routed to the ‘Service Account’ page. Put a tick on the generated API key and click the three-dot icon in the ‘Actions’ column.

10. Click on ‘Create Key’ from the options.

11. A pop-up window will appear to create the private key. Select “JSON’ as key type and then press ‘Create’.

12. A file will then be downloaded and saved to your computer. Kindly send the generated file key to the below emails.