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Automatically un-publish products that are out of stock.

When all the variants of a product are out of stock, then automatically un-publish the product. 

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We have considered this however having a blanket rule to automatically un-publish a product can have unintended negative consequences. 

  1. When a product is out of stock, that does not mean it will never be in stock again.
  2. An unpublished product removes the ability for the customer to view it, favourite and share it. 
  3. Existing customers that have bought the product before will no longer see it, and assume that you no longer sell the product, this could lead to frustration and drop offs. 
  4. As a merchant you will lose valuable data that can drive decisions. For instance if you see an out of stock product is being viewed and favourited frequently this is an indicator that if stock were replenished there is a fairly high probability that it will sell.  
  5. We have a plan to add a feature to notify customers when products are in stock again, if the product was unpublished this would not be possible so customers would never know that you even sold the product.

Overall we believe un-publishing a product to be more detrimental to the user experience and data collection than leaving the product published, even if out of stock. That being said there are cases where it does make sense. 

If we were to make this a setting of the individual product itself rather than a global rule would that be useful? 

We would love to hear feedback on this from our customers. 

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