API keys are required from your developer accounts so that we can push beta test & live builds to the stores. Once you have obtained the keys, you can upload them to the Kaddra platform.

Obtaining Apple API Keys

1. Press 'Keys' in Users and Access from App Store Connect.

2. A message will appears informing us access is needed. Press' Request for Access'

3. Put a check on the tick box for the agreement and press 'Submit.'

4. A pop-up box will appear, and you will need to enter the below and press Generate

Name: Kaddra DevOps

Access: Admin

5. Finally, please copy the following details on the API Key page - Issuer ID, Key ID. Please download and save the API Key file - Note: this can only be downloaded once. It will be given a filename of 'Authkey_<Key ID>.p8'

Refresh the page & download the API Key.

6. Now that you have the Issuer ID, Key ID and the API,p8 file, you can add them into the Kaddra platform in the 'Apple App Store Publishing' section.

Open the Kaddra sales channel in your Shopify account and navigate to the settings>App publishing.

7. 'App Store Connect Key Certificate .p8' - Click the 'select file' button and upload the .p8 API key in the 'App Store Connect Key Certificate .p8' section.

8. Add the 'Key ID' and 'Issuer ID' into the relevant fields.

The 'Apple Team Name' and 'Apple Team ID' can be found in the membership section here in your apple account.

9. 'Apple Store ID' - for now, you can add "to-be-confirmed" as the Kaddra team will update this during the registration phase.

10. Click 'Save', and you're done!

Obtaining Google API Keys

  1. From the Google developer account, press ‘Settings’ then ‘Developer account’ and select ‘API Access’.

  2. On the API Access page, scroll down and press ‘Create Service Account’

  3. A window with instructions will pop up; press ‘Google Cloud Platform’.
    Do note that a new page will open “Google Cloud Platform

  4. Another browser tab will open the ‘Google Cloud Platform’ console and route you to the ‘Service Accounts’ page. Then you may press ‘Create Service Account

  5. In creating a service account, fill in the below

    - ‘Service Account Name’ for example, Kaddra Devops Publishing Key.

    - ‘Service Account Description’ is optional.

    Press the ‘Create’ button after.

  6. You can skip granting users access and press ‘Done’

  7. After pressing ‘Create’, you will be prompted to assign permissions.

    Search for the role ‘Service Account User’ to assign and press ‘Continue

  8. You can skip granting users access and press ‘Done’.

  9. You will then be routed to the ‘Service Account’ page.

    Put a tick on the generated API key and click the three-dot icon in the ‘Actions’ column.

  10. Click on ‘Manage Keys’ from the options.

  11. On the next page press the dropdown options in Add Key and then press Create New Key.

  12. A pop-up window will appear to create the private key.

    Select “JSON’ as key type and then press ‘Create’.

  13. A file will then be downloaded and saved to your computer.

  14. Now that you have the Google private key, you can add it to the Kaddra platform in the 'Google Play Store Publishing' section.

    Open the Kaddra sales channel in your Shopify account and navigate to the settings>App publishing and upload the JSON file.

    Click 'Save'.

  15. Go back to the developer account and click API access. Look for the Service account created and press View Access.

  16. Set the Account permission to Admin and press Save Changes.

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