Mobile apps powered by Kaddra are built in two versions, iOS for Apple and Android for Google. You may test these app versions with the following steps.

Testing your iOS app using Testflight

1. Search and download Testflight. from the iOS App store or open this link directly from your iOS device.

2. Add yourself as a 'tester' of the app in 'App Store connect' by going to this link.
You will need to log in with the Apple ID with Developer account access.

3. After logging in, look for your 'App' and click it.

4. Navigate to 'Testflight' Tab and create a .new internal testing. group by pressing + beside Internal testing.

5. Add a 'name' to the internal group and press 'create'.

6. You may then press on the created group and add testers by pressing '+ beside Testers'.

7. A window will pop up for you to select and add your 'user account'.

8. You will then receive an email invite to view the app on 'Testflight'.

9. You have an option to open the email on your 'iOS device' and it will automatically link to Testflight. If opened on a desktop browser it will route you to a webpage with the 'code to redeem' to access the app.

10. If you are adding users that are not yet registered under your developer account, you may follow this article from Apple on how to add/invite users. As soon as they have activated the account you may then add them as a tester.

Testing your Android App by downloading from the Merchant Dashboard

1. Log in to your 'Shopify Dashboard' and open 'Kaddra Mobile App Designer' under your sales channels.

2. From the 'Home' Screen scroll down and find ‘Publish Your App’ section.

From the 'Android' column, press the 'download' icon beside the completed build.

3. There will be two types you can download the app, select the '.apk' version.

4. You may then install the downloaded '.apk' on your android device.

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