Want to deduct the credits of a specific package for your user? Follow these easy steps on how to do so!

➡️ Go to your Kaddra back-office > Click on 'Customers'.

➡️ Search for the user you are trying to deduct the credits for using the search bar on the top-right. You can search using the user's name or Customer ID.

*Note: If a user asks you how they can find out what's their Customer ID, you can inform them they can check by going to the app > Profile and it should appear on their membership card as follows.

➡️ Click on the name of the user to enter their profile.

➡️ Click on 'Packages'.

➡️ Click on the pencil icon beside the name of the package you'd like to deduct credits from.

➡️ Adjust the number as you'd like in the # Credits left field and then click on the 'Save' button on the bottom-right.

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