You have different options on how you would like to display your categories.

If you want to change the how your main categories appear in Home, you may follow the below steps.

➡️ Go to Products, then Category Layouts and find the layout that is used in HOME to edit.

➡️ Edit the Category list component.

➡️ You may then change how many columns you would like the categories to appear, from one to three columns per row. Press Save and relaunch the app to refresh the display.

One column per row would require category images in 1100x400 px dimensions and for two or 3 columns per row they require category images in square aspect ratio.

You may refer to the first image here on samples.

Learn about the content display

➡️ This can also be applied to category layouts used to display subcategories.

Another option is to replace the category list component to a category drawer which is suitable for categories that are more than 10. This adjusts the categories to be displayed smaller to showcase all of them with less scrolling and image options for square or round.

You may follow this article if you wish to use category drawer lists.

Set-up category layout in round or square

You may refer to the second image here on samples.

Learn about the content display

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