The key to good in-app messaging is giving users relevant and valuable information. Using in-app messages can provide 50% of returning users compared to only 36% with conventional messaging. To guide you, here are the tips that will help you be effective in targeting your customers:

1. Onboarding message

Onboarding Messages are critical they introduce your brand to first time users. You can build engagement and reduce frustration when they start using your app. Videos are also very effective in guiding first time users. So don’t forget to attach one to your message.

2. New product updates

Highlighting your new products can improve brand awareness. With Engage, you can also set preferred timings so you can ensure your customers receive the news at the most convenient time.

3. Latest promos and discounts

Promotional messages are an essential part for boosting sales conversions. Use discount codes or Loyalty points to drive your customers for their next purchase. Important note: Try to limit the number of promotional messages you send as it may create a negative impact on your brand.

4. Rates or reviews

Collecting user feedback is a common retention best practice, and you can understand what users like best in your portfolio. Rates and reviews are an efficient way to create engagement from your community of users. Linked with loyalty, it could become one of your main driver of engagement in your app.

5. Referral

Using in-app messages to boost a referral program is a great way to grow your app community. With the right timing you can leverage your users actions to get their support in promoting your app. For example after a user completes a transaction.

6. Upselling message

Upselling helps users purchase products related to what they have bought. Often misconstrued as a “pushy” sale, they are in fact a great way for people to have a deeper experience of your brand. For example, if someone purchases a dress, then you can suggest the right shoes to go with it. This is upselling but has a true purpose of a better experience.

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