Want to gain more valuable information from your users?

You are now able to do so by using our Surveys feature! You can set it up using these simple steps!🚀

➡️ Go to Customers > Settings > Surveys

➡️ Select the category you'd like to trigger this survey for. This means that when the user clicks on this category, the survey will appear before the user will be able to view the products in the category.

➡️ Press "+Group" on the bottom right to create a new grouping for the survey questions.

➡️ Add the name of the group and press 'Save'.

➡️ If you have multiple groups, you can now select which group you'd like to add the new survey question to.

➡️ Add in the survey question in the field 'Label. The following field will then be auto-created by the system.

For this example, I have created the question, "How many pets do you have?".

➡️ For Data Type, always select 'String'.

➡️ Lastly, under Control Type, select 'DropDownList'.

➡️ Once you have selected 'DropDownList', click on "ADD DROP ITEM" to add options for the answers. For example, the question we are now asking is "How many pets do you have?". The options could then be the number of pets, E.g. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

➡️ You can fill in the same option value under the fields 'Value' and "Display (Seen by user)".

➡️ If users should be able to select more than one option as their answer, you can check the box "Multiple selections". Then, press on 'Save'.

➡️ All answers to the survey will appear under each customer profile. You can find it under 'Customers' > "Survey Answers".

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