⚫⚫ Step 1 : General loyalty settings

1.1 Settings

To start with the loyalty system, just let our Success Team to knows from the chat in your back-office and we will enable this module in your back-office ✅

✔️ Choose Rewards Types* (How the points can be used)

  • Fixed value or % Discount

  • Cashback

✔️ Select Currency* (How the points can be used)

The base currency of the loyalty program. Transactions not in this currency will be automatically converted to this currency before calculating the points. This setting cannot be changed.

✔️ Select Timezone*

1.2 Points & Tier Downgrade Rules

✔️ Expire Points* (if enabled) Points will expire after X days of the original transaction

If yes define Expire after X days*

Tips - you can be flexible on this rule and have a shorter expiration on the rewards parts.

✔️ Lock Points* (if enabled) Points will be locked and unable to be used until X days after the transaction

If yes define Lock for X days*

You can also choose to:

☑️ Downgrade tier automatically

☑️ Downgrade tier based on days

1.3 Tiers Points Rules

✔️ Set the number of points required to be upgraded to the next tier.

(PRO Plan only can have different tiering) - Contact the Success Team if you would like to upgrade.

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1.4 Currency Rates

✔️ You can set your own currency rates used to convert from the base currency.

Any currency without a rate will be converted using the daily rate from https://openexchangerates.org/

1.5 Enrollment Rules

☑️ Enroll on registration (recommended)

A customer is considered "Registered" when they have been created either through registering themselves via the app or created manually by an Admin.

☑️ Enroll on first order

Customer will be enrolled when their first order is equal to or greater than the minimum order value

➡️ Click Save

⚫⚫ Step 2 : Earning Rules

Let’s now define how your customers are going to earn points based on different rules ✅

We have 4 types of Earning Rules:

  1. General spending rules

  2. Event Rule

  3. Customer Referral

  4. Product Purchase

➡️ Your existing earning rule will be here

➡️ You can always edit them clicking on the pencing

➡️ Click +Create Earning Rule to create

Your existing earning rules will be living here.

➡️ You can always edit them clicking on the pencing

➡️ Click +Create Earning Rule

2.1 Create a General Spending Rule

Note: You can set-up different General spending rules per tier (example: my 1$ spent value 1 points if I’m Bronze tier and 2 points if I’m Gold)

➡️ You can exclude SKUs (Products/Services) you don’t want this rule to apply

➡️ Optional: you can set-up a Minimum Order Value in order for the customer to accumulate points

➡️ Set-up the date range or Perpetual (A General spending rule is in general perpetual as it’s considered as the base of your loyalty program)

➡️ Click Save

2.2. Create an Event Rule

Note: An Event rule will be defined by an action done by the customer in the app - we recommend to set-up at least one to welcome customers in your loyalty program. It can be set-up for:

  • Customer is being enrolled

  • Customer has done the first purchase

  • Customer has been upgraded to the next tier

➡️ Set-up the date range or Perpetual (Most of the time perpetual)

➡️ Click Save

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2.3. Create a Customer Referral rule

Refer a friend is a great way for your customers to serve you as advocates.

You can have the same rules for the referrer and referee or it can simply be different.

➡️ Set-up the date range or Perpetual (Most of the time perpetual)

➡️ Click Save

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2.4. Create a Product Purchase rule

Note: You can have earning rules on specific products during a certain period of time (promotions) or simply decide that some products in the app have more value than others.

➡️ Set-up the date range or Perpetual

➡️ Click Save

⚫⚫ Step 3 : Rewards

Time to set-up the rewards for your customers 🎁. What will be the value of the rewards by redeeming their points earned by purchasing your products.

You have 2 x types of rewards:

  1. Fixed Value

  2. % Discount

The set-up is the same for both.

You can create unlimited rewards, have different values or rules and decide the expiration date to push your customers to purchase more and more often.

This is where your expiration can be shorter.

➡️ Go to Loyalty, Rewards and click +Create Reward.

➡️ Click Save

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⚫⚫ Step 4 : Points Adjustment (Optional)

If you have started loyalty after starting with Kaddra, you might want to adjust some customer points and enrol them.

You can Earn or Use the points on behalf of your customers with this function.

If you want to bulk upload some points for your existing customers, here are the steps:

➡️ Go to Loyalty then Points Adjustment

➡️ Click Download Template File

➡️ CSV file will be then downloaded - Open the file

➡️ Fill in the file: Customer reference, customer email, action, points, comments, expiry_days.

➡️ Save the file as a CSV file.

➡️ Drop or Upload your file

➡️ Click on Import

Points of your customers will be adjusted automatically after the import is completed and customers will be enrolled for the first time in your loyalty program or points adjusted.

⚫⚫ Step 5 : Enrollment (Optional)

You might have been the case where you have enabled the loyalty program with Kaddra after the app is already running.

If you want to enrol existing customers and their past purchases in your loyalty, here are the steps to follow.

➡️ Go to Loyalty then Enrolment

➡️ Select the concerned Tiers you would like to enroll

➡️ Tick the box if you would like to include their past orders (General earning rules will be applied) or start them at 0 points.

➡️ Click on Enroll

Customers will be automatically enrolled in your loyalty program.

You are now set to run a successful loyalty program 🤩

Chat with us if you have any questions.

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