You have 2 ways to adjust loyalty customers points:

1. Individually from the Customers Tab

Notes: The menu Loyalty tab under the Customers Tab only appears if the customer is already enrolled in your program. If it's not the case, you will have to use the 2. to register them first.

2. Group of customers Loyalty -> Points Adjustment

Notes: If the customer has never been enrolled in the Loyalty and is already registered, this is the step you should follow.

We will show you both ways here 😃

🔷 Adjust point from the Customers Tab (only if the customer is already enrolled in your Loyalty)

➡️ Go to Customers

➡️ Look for the specific customer by the reference, name

➡️ Click on tab 2 - Loyalty

➡️ Click + EARN / USE POINTS

➡️ Choose the Action* EARN / USE

➡️ How many points

➡️ Comments for the customers (they will see this)

➡️ Click Save

🔷 Adjust point from the Loyalty Tab - Points Adjustment - Good to be used if you want to enrolled manually a customer already registered in your app or do a bulk upload of few adjustments)

➡️ Go to Loyalty then Points Adjustment

➡️ Click Download Template File

➡️ CSV file will be then downloaded - Open the file

➡️ Fill in the file: Customer reference, customer email, action, points, comments, expiry_days.

➡️ Save the file as a CSV file.

➡️ Drop or Upload your file

➡️ Click on Import

Points of your customers will be modified automatically after the import is completed. Customers will be enrolled for the first time in your loyalty program or have points adjusted.

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