Getting people to notice and download your app can be a tough grind if you do not take a few essential steps before launching. With so many apps being released every day, it is more important than ever to have solid branding, description and business information on your app store page.

Here are a few tips to complete before submitting your app to Apple & Google Play Stores:


App Icon

A logo is the core symbol representing your brand. Showcase your logo within the app icon on the user's home screen. Make sure your icon clearly reflects the main purpose of your app or brand.

Landing Page / Launch Screen

Your launch page is critical for a top app store listing and to attract potential customers. Use an appealing screenshot, mock-up or video to give users an exciting view of the experience you propose within your app.

App Store Listing

App Name

As the first label of your app, a great title carries the most weight to increasing online visibility. Create a short and specific title of up to 30 characters long.

Pro tips to create your App Title:

➡️ Describe the specific service or benefit offered by your app

➡️ Include one or two keywords to represent the great benefits of your app

➡️ Be short, memorable and catchy

App Subtitle

Your app subtitle is the short description that explains the value of your app in more detail. Update your subtitle when submitting a new version of your app to ensure the description is up to date with the products and services you offer.

Selecting the right Main Category

Selecting the right category is important for your app's discoverability. Consider your app's purpose and carefully select the main category. Ensure to match what your app offers to stay within the App Store Review Guidelines.

Secondary Category

A secondary category gives your app further discoverability. Using more than one category is recommended.


Keywords help your customers find your app easily. Choose keywords that are the most relevant to your app and will appeal the most to your targeted audience.

Important Note: Keywords only apply to Apple's App Store.


A compelling description will improve user uptake while highlighting the core benefits of your app. Be concise and focus on what your audience might search for to discover your app.

Kaddra Tip: Your potential user will see the full description when clicking on 'Read More'. You can choose to include your brand story in the description to further engage with your future users.

Business Information

Marketing URL

This is a placeholder where you can include your website URL.

Support URL

Add links to your website's contact page and any social media pages from your brand.

Privacy Policy URL

Privacy policy is required for submitting your app to the App and Google Play Stores. Here is our guide to create a privacy policy.


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