Community is critical to any business. With the correct strategy, you can generate a phenomenon and gain tremendous traction of customers willing to download your app while reducing churn and paid acquisition. Here is a step–by–step guide that will show you how to build a strong community around your mobile app.

1. Team up with brand ambassadors

Using brand ambassadors' contact lists can fast track quality people into your community. They have a wide range of followers, and most importantly, they have their trust. If a brand ambassador is ready (not all of them will say yes) to speak for your brand in their circles, you will get high and quality traction.

2. Give your audience a platform to speak up.

People like being involved and often want to be a part of the world your brand represents. Dedicate a space to encourage your community to share about your brand. Positive or negative comments are valuable and can provide essential insights for your future business decisions.

3. Ask for feedback and give rewards.

Feedback is an excellent way to help improve your app. Reach out to those willing to give opinions and treat them with a reward they can use in your app.

4. Invest in content marketing

We all know that content is king. Invest time and resources to create a strategic program with relevant content for your community. Use the customer's feedback to guide your topics. Quality and relevant content is a MUST-HAVE for communities.

5. Use your community to share your app.

There is no better advertisement for your brand than positive word of mouth. Once you have established a strong community, naturally, people will share your app amongst their circles of friends. The news will spread quickly, and you will see organic traffic downloading your app, helping to reduce your marketing costs and improving the quality of your customer acquisitions.

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