➡️Log in to the CEM, click on Product > Bulk Upload > Product

➡️Select the correct product type from the drop down. The Product tab will allow you to download the CSV file needed to upload products based on the product type selected.

➡️Click on the Download CSV button to download the template.

➡️It will populate a CSV file where you can add the information as required.Based on the product type, CSV columns can be different. Below are is an example of product for purchase.


Reference* - unique reference number assigned to the product, it can be different with SKU/ barcode reference

Name* - name of the product

Partner* - Name of the partner added in the back office

Title - preferred product title to appear in the app in needed to be different from Name

Subtitle - preferred product subtitle to appear in the app

Description - text to appear as description (if enabled by in back office)

Description_html - text to appear as description with html formatting(if enabled in back office)

Address - a field to add location if a map is configured to appear in the product page

Image_1 - link of a public image that will attached to the product. If multiple images are needed new columns can be added with header image_2, image_3

External URL - a link can be added in this field that can override the call to action buttons routing.

SKU - product’s SKU number

Variant_reference - reference number assigned to the variant, barcode reference number can be added here.

Variant_1_name - Field name configured in the back office to fetch variant values

Variant_2_name - Field name configured in the back office to fetch the 2nd set of variant values

Variant_3_name - Field name configured in the back office to fetch the 3nd set of variant values

Weight_kg - weight value of the product if needed

Warehouse - warehouse name configured in the back office if needed

Inventory - actual stocks allotted in the app

Price - price to appear in the app for all tiers

Cost_of_goods_sold - direct cost of the products

Compare_at - this is for a new feature and not mandatory

Cf_size - custom field that in this example used as variant

Cf_w_description - a custom field where product description can be added

Product types for booking and reading will not include the below columns in the file.












➡️Once the file is finalised you can export/download it as csv.

➡️From the back office you can go back to Products, then select Bulk Upload.

➡️Select the correct product type to upload then drag the file and drop it to the upload box.

➡️In visibility rules, select the category where the products will be uploaded. First category is where the products are saved and succeeding categories tagged will republish the products.

➡️Select which language

➡️Publishing rules are optional but if you want to publish the products you may set it up by selecting the segment, market and date of publishing.

➡️Tick Publish Products after Import if the csv includes image links or products have existing images already uploaded in the back office.

➡️Press upload for the system to start.

➡️You will be able to monitor the progress in the Product Import History. If there’s an error a csv file with the error message can be downloaded.


Video to see how it looks:

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