Retargeting tools are needed to create a clear path for your potential customer back to your store wherever they go online. Combine your existing campaign with retargeting automation tools to get potential customers and up to x9 times more revenues per month.

The advantages of Kaddra retargeting engine Engage™:

  • Using the campaigns you have pre-set, you can automate and retarget your customers based on their behaviours.

  • Read reports and manage the engine easily with a simple dashboard.

  • Maximise ROI on every sale with first-party data, which cuts your extra marketing budget.

  • Accompanied with a best marketing practices library to help you market to your customers like a pro without any expertise.

Download our ebook and learn how you can take full advantage of Kaddra Engage and craft a winning push notification campaign using the industry best practices.


Kaddra Customer Success Team

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