A referral program gives your loyal customers the power to refer your business to their network. Using Kaddra Loyalty engine, you can create a referral program with your most loyal customers and win over new shoppers through trust and brand recognition. Here are 3 ways to use our Loyalty tool and generate new loyal clients.

1. Initiate a simple flow referral program

A simple referral program is critical for a solid user experience. With Kaddra Loyalty, your app has a referral code capability so your customers can easily invite their friends or relatives to your brand digital store. And you can reward your loyal "Ambassadors" by giving them loyalty points every time they refer someone.

2. Promote it with rewards

Customers will be tempted to try your brand when they see they can get incentives easily. With Kaddra Loyalty, you can customise rules to deliver a more personalised experience. Your customers can earn points with every transaction, redeem rewards or use cashback.

3. Activate a multi-tiered loyalty program.

A tiered ecosystem is an effective instrument to increase customer engagement and willingness to reach the next level. The more your customers are involved with your business, the more they get. With Kaddra Loyalty engine, you can design a multi-level membership and automate the user's journey, so the ecosystem runs by itself.

Please reach out to us anytime if you need support to set up a solid referral program or if you have any questions on Kaddra Loyalty engine.

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