Whether the message is brief and straightforward or rich and eye-catching, push notifications are a powerful way to build relationships and keep your customer informed. We've pulled together 5 mobile engagement statistics and various reports to help you understand how push notifications can enhance ROI and your marketing strategy.

1. Segmentation helps open rate to increase by 21%

Running highly targeted push notification campaigns can earn +21% open rate. With the help of segmentation, you can customise every element of your media push to ensure you target the right audience with the most relevant message.

2. Notifications with images earn +60% CTR

Rich media elements such as images and emojis within your push notifications add attractiveness and catch the customer’s attention faster than text alone. Combine the rich content with a plan to build engagement and drive high app engagement, conversions, and sales.

3. Optimal Times to Send Push Notifications

The most effective opening ratios and click rates globally occur on Tuesday, at 8.4%, followed by Sunday at 8.1% between 3 and 6 p.m. These are great indications but you must ensure to pick times that make sense for your clientele.

4. Geo-push gets +7.9% than regular push notifications

The more thoughtful push-notification campaigns yield better results. Geo-push notifications have +7.9% CTR compared with regular ones. You can leverage their effectiveness by producing a tailored campaign that lands on deep-linked content driving instant sales.

5. A/B testing improves CTR by 8%

Push notification A/B Testing involves sending multiple variations of the same message to different groups of people. Plan out A/B testing so you can analyse click and open rates to determine which model performed better. This strategy has shown an overall 8% improvement in click-through rate.

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