Shopping cart abandonment is the most significant pain point of e-commerce businesses. Here are four key reasons shoppers abandon their purchases and proven tactics you can implement to address this issue.

1. Long and Complicated Checkouts

A long, complicated checkout journey can create friction and opportunity for your shoppers to drop out. For a smoother checkout experience, you should remove any steps that are not essential to completing a purchase.

While other brands use the checkout page to capture customer information, Under Armour only collects essential payment information.

With Kaddra Shopping Cart, you can create a friction-free checkout. Instead of requiring shoppers to enter their billing and shipping addresses with each purchase, all essential information is stored so that your customers can pay in just a few clicks.

2. No Guest Checkout Alternatives

The registration process could be an extra step that prevents your potential customer from making a purchase. Sometimes, customers may want to "sample" before fully committing to your brand. Without a guest checkout option, potential customers may be reluctant to register for a new account and drop out.

Nike champions Guest Checkout to maximise sales conversion.

With Instant Guest Checkout, you can enable potential customers to purchase in just a few steps. Deliver the best shopping experience right from the start, and you will entice them to come back for more!

3. Lack of Payment Options

When it comes to digital payment options, the more, the merrier. Digital payment has become so pervasive that your customers could use any digital payment method. Having multiple payment methods available ensures that your customers will always be able to pay with their preferred choice.

Kaddra Pay is integrated with the biggest global payment gateways to offer your customers a wide variety of payment methods.

Payment is the crucial last step in your customer's shopping journey. Understanding payment needs and offering suitable payment methods will be vital to maximising your conversion rate.

4. Lack of retargeting for cart abandoners

Retargeting your shoppers who abandoned their carts with relevant messages will be instrumental to savaging lost opportunities. The goal is to encourage customers to buy by reminding them of the items they left in their shopping cart.

Choose from our Push Notification templates or customise your own to retarget abandoned shoppers.

With Kaddra's Audience and Engage Tools, you can now create an audience with a behavioural attribute like "Has Abandoned Checkout". This campaign will allow you to reach out to customers who have abandoned their carts and convert them. Some of our customers are now reaching a 19.8% sales conversion rate from abandoned cart campaigns!

If you're having difficulty bringing back traffic and reducing abandoned carts, we're just one call away.

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