While customer acquisition is essential, ensuring that your users stick around is critical to your long-term growth. Businesses want to enrich their customer experience to build brand loyalty, turn customers into repeat buyers, and transform them into vocal brand advocates.

Here are 3 proven and effective ways to build stickiness with Kaddra Loyalty.

1. Build point-based loyalty

A point-based loyalty program lets customers accumulate points as they purchase and engage with your brands. The points help your brand show tangible appreciation and create a habit-forming engagement that drives revenue.

With Kaddra Loyalty, you can create fully customisable loyalty rules to offer your customers an enriching shopping experience. They can earn points with every transaction, redeem rewards or use cashback.

2. Turn every customer into a VIP

The appeal of a well-built loyalty program lies in its gamification. The more points customers earn, the more they climb in your loyalty program's tiers. These levels within your loyalty program give your customers something they aspire to reach — the higher the tier, the more exclusive rewards they'll receive.

A multi-tiered loyalty program can be fully automated and ensure a smooth journey for your loyal customers. You can also set preferred pricing and special offers to specific tiers to generate more engagement and boost additional spending.

3. Use referrals to get like-minded new customers.

Referrals are among the most cost-effective ways to acquire new customers. Your loyal customers are your best brand advocates, and you want to leverage their voice to refer your business to their network.

So if you wish to accelerate your growth and stickiness, don't hesitate to contact us for help.

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