Your business growth can be accelerated when strong acquisition efforts are compounded with healthy customer retention. Industry data has also shown that it is 5 times cheaper to get current customers to make a repeat purchase than finding new ones.

Here are 3 proven ways to retain customers and get repeat purchases:

1. Personalised Product Recommendations

According to a study by Invesp, 56% of online shoppers are more likely to return to sites that recommend products. Customers enjoy shopping for products tailored for their personal needs. With Kaddra, you can implement and shape your apps by providing high-quality recommendations to personalise their shopping experience.

A dynamic targeting by Nike delivers a personalized shopping experience.

2. Extend exclusive offers for returning customers

Discounts, promos, and coupons can be an effective way of incentivising purchases. Set up audiences of customers so Engage can identify those who have not purchased in a while or track abandoned carts. The retargeting module will automatically and dynamically give your customers a little nudge through push notification campaigns. You can also select from an expanding library of ready-to-go push notification campaigns to drive business results with just a few clicks.

Pink Berry engaged churned customers with incentives to purchase.

3. Create an exciting referral and loyalty program

A strong loyalty and referral program not only drives new user growth, but also engages your current customers to prevent them from churning. With Kaddra Loyalty, you can design a multi-tiered loyalty program to groom repeat customers, and activate them to refer your brand through loyalty point incentives.

Dunkin demonstrates best-in-class practices in loyalty and referral.

We hope these tips will help you orientate your retention efforts to drive growth. If you need any support to set up campaigns, audiences or loyalty, we're just a call away.

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