To enable product add-ons, please inform our Customer Success team in adding this feature to your back office. Our team will need the below information.

  • Will the add-ons to be used be the same as the existing products in the app or a new product type with specific purpose as add-ons.

  • How will the add-on be grouped and their corresponding group names to appear in the app.

  • If multiple items in these groups can be selected by the customer or not.

  • Max quantity of each item a customer can add.

  • if the items in the group are to be set as required in adding the main product to the bag.

  • How the groups will be ordered to appear in the app.

Depending on the configuration you may need to upload additional products with the specific purpose as add-ons or you may use the existing products in the app.

Once enabled and all products to be used as add-ons are available in the back office, you may follow the below steps.

1. Find the main product where you will add the add-ons then edit. Press the add-ons tab.

2. Select the product type you want to add as an add-on, then choose the specific product name and add-on group. The add-on group will need to be configured first by the Customer success team when enabling the feature. You may then press +Add.

3. You may then set the price if the add-on will incur additional charges if selected.

If you leave the Price field blank it will use the price from the linked product.

When Qty Change is enabled the user will be able to set any quantity.

When Qty Change is disabled the quantity of the add-on will be the same as the item.

4. Press on Save and the add-on options will appear in the add to bag screen when the configured product is selected. If more products are needed to be added you may repeat the steps 2 and 3.

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