History tells tales of many product flops because of an underwhelming launch. Creative and concise copywriting for your app launch is essential to grab your audience’s attention.

To help you craft impactful messages for your app launch campaign, here are 3 proven tips:

1. Keep-It-Super-Simple (KISS) rule

Your audience will spend less than 7 seconds to scan through your marketing collaterals. It is therefore your challenge to grab their attention and deliver the key message of your app in this short time frame. Your app may bring multiple benefits to your audience. However, you do not have the luxury to list everything out. Choose one key benefit and make a headline out of it. Make it catchy. Make it concise. Make it simple.

Havenly announcement is not only easy to understand, but visually catchy to immediately grabs the audience's attention.

2. Storytell your brand narrative

Once you have grabbed your audience’s attention, the next step is keep them interested. Stories can effectively grab the reader's interest and show how your app could solve their problems. Present your customer’s struggles and then immediately highlight the moment of triumph when your product effectively solves that problem.

Great examples from Airbnb to build its brand narrative for new customers

3. Creates exclusivity

Early access announcements create a sense of exclusivity for your audience, and drive the hype for your app. Do remember to also address the specific benefits of using your customer's apps with early access. Clear call-to-action, combined with a sense of exclusivity, will increase the audience’s urgency to download the app.

Create hype around your app launch with “Early Access” invites like what Mailchimp did.

We hope you find this guide helpful to your app launch preparation.

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