A good conversion rate is the foundation to a high sales volume. Successful growth tactics to boost your customer conversion rate often involve getting your users to make small commitments to your business even before they're ready to purchase.

Here are 4 proven tactics to increase your conversion rate:

  1. Give a discount on the first order

Price discount has always been the go-to tool to incentivise customers. Offer a discount on your customer’s first order to encourage product trial. To boost conversion, you can create a sense of urgency by adding an expiration date to your discount offer. You may also run multiple A/B tests to determine the best percentage of discount that will maxmise your customer conversion rate.

Brands use first-time purchase offers to boost sales conversion rates.

2. Craft compelling CTAs

Saturate your marketing collaterals with compelling call-to-actions (CTA). A rule of thumb in creating high-performing CTAs is to keep it short and be highly specific on the values you offer. Most customers will only glance through your marketing content briefly, so you have to ensure they capture the gist of your content in less than 7 seconds. Also, you can consider running multiple A/B tests to find your best-performing CTAs.

Prezi creates a strong CTA with fewer characters that emphasize the readers to try their software.

3. Showcase your best reviews

Customer testimonials can be a crucial content element to show the unbiased feedback on your products. Add them to your homepage, contact page, case studies page, or even create a dedicated testimonials page with an image next to your customer’s statement. Eye-catching testimonials will increase the click-through rate and persuade customers to consider purchasing your product.

Casper mattresses showcase their landing page with positive customer reviews, star ratings, and customer comments.

4. Strategise push notifications for abandoned carts

Did you know that sending out a push notification to customers with abandoned carts can recover 10% of lost revenue? With our powerful Audiences filter under the Kaddra Engage tool, you can use our insights to keep track of unpurchased items left in your customer's cart and re-engage them in their purchase journey.

We hope this guide is helpful to your growth efforts. Have any questions or you need any support? We're just a call away.


Kaddra Customer Success Team

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