We know that running a business in an ever-changing digital landscape is not easy. As your partner in growth, we constantly innovate to equip you with growth-focused features to help you achieve your business goals 🎯

Check out the latest features in our recent product updates!

💡 DOKU payment integration

How does this feature power your business?

✔️ DOKU, Indonesia’s premier payment provider, is now available

✔️ Expand your business in Indonesia with DOKU’s payment services

✔️ Enjoy plug-and-play connection with over 20 banks

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💡Set up out-of-stock behaviour for your product

Here are the key benefits for your business:

✔️ Automate the handling of out-of-stock products

✔️ Avoid logistical bottlenecks when customers mistakenly purchase an out-of-stock product

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💡Set up the limit for triggered push notifications

Here are the key benefits for your business:

✔️ Limit the number of times you want to send push notifications to customers

✔️ Enable you to set an one-time-only automated push notifications (i.e. welcome-to-the-app message, welcome-points-given message)

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💡Love the Discover Feed? It can be made available anywhere in your app

Here are the key benefits for your business:

✔️ Use the Discover Feed display anywhere you want

✔️ The limit on content has been removed

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