When your app goes live, your primary goal in the short term is to increase app downloads and active users. You may have already prepared a fantastic marketing campaign to create the much-needed buzz that will help your product reach a broad audience. Here are some essential and tactical tips you may consider to give your campaign a boost:

Feature a "Get our app" banner

The first touchpoint you should utilise to promote your app is your website. Leverage the traffic to your home page and redirect users to your app on the app stores. You can do this by placing an attractive "Get Our App" banner with a clear call-to-action to incentivise app downloads.

Craft an exciting EDM to turn customers into app users

Email is forever. Tap into your existing customer database to send an attractive email blast to turn your customers into app users. Craft a simple yet effective message to express the value of your product and entice them to try it.

Nike introduced their new app with an email that was simple, appealing, and focused, all of which are important principles of the company.

Maximise app downloads through your social media channels

Social media is a great way to leverage your existing followers to promote your new app. At every branded touchpoint, ensure you provide a seamless way for your followers to download your app. Use an onelink url in your social media posts, to ensure followers who use any mobile device can download your app easily.

Lyft promote their app on Facebook post prompting users with the clearly defined goal of an easier ride experience with clearly defined "Install Now" CTA.

Offer irresistible rewards

A popular tactic to drive app downloads is rewarding your customers with an irresistible offer. The crux of this tactic lies in identifying the trigger that will capture your customer’s attention. Understand what makes them pay attention to you, and spend your marketing budget promoting that unique selling point.

Burger King gives out their popular menu irresistible to order with their app.

Use your loyalty program to incentivise app downloads

Another great way to market your app is by offering loyalty reward points to existing and new customers who download your app. With Kaddra Loyalty you can easily create customisable rules, so your customers can earn points for every transaction, redeem bonuses, or get a cashback within the app.

The Starbucks Reward Loyalty Program reinvented its relationship with customers and captured enormous value with the loyalty program.

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