It was already possible to choose the time to send the campaign. You may send it immediately when the trigger is raised (Time of Trigger), or at a time before/after the trigger is raised (Relative Time to Trigger).

🔲 You can now Set Limits on how you send your automatic push notification.

Let's take the example you want to showcase a new collection that belongs to the main category of your app:

You might set up a Goal but it's not mandatory.

[Update] You can now set a limit on your automatic push.

The below setting means that every time a customer clicks on the specific category you would like to showcase, a push notification will be sent 3 hours after their click 1 time every 15 days

Link to the concerned Category

Then set up your Audience and Content.

The machine will run everything for you automatically and help you to drive more sales.

This new update can be applied to all the triggers.

Need any help with set-up? Chat with the Success Team from your chat.

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