Adjustment for one customer

1. From the loyalty tab in a customer’s profile, manual point adjustment can be done by pressing the +Earn/ Use points.

2. A pop-up window will appear where you can choose to either Earn/ Use points for the customer. A comment can be added for customers to see in their profile then press Save

Earn - to add points to the customer for instances where purchases were made outside of the app or as a goodwill gesture

Use - to deduct points in situations where a reward was applied outside of the app

Bulk adjustment for multiple customers

1. For multiple customers, go to Loyalty, Settings then Points Adjustment.

2. Download the template CSV file for you to edit.

3. The CSV file includes sample data to follow like below.

Customer Reference - back office reference number for the customer

Customer Email - email address of the customer in their profile

Action - Earn to add and Use to deduct points

Points - number of points

Comment - comments for the adjustment

Expiry Days - Point expiry for earned points

4. Once the file is finalized, save/export it as CSV. Upload the file by dropping it in the upload box under point adjustment and then press Import.

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