App Links under Engage will be essential to market the app as soon as you are live 🚀 Make sure you are using it in all your communication during the app promotion.

Customers will be redirected to Apple or Google Play stores depending on the device they are using.

Under Engage in the back office, the App links page is available to contain the below for you to add in your marketing materials.

QR code - stores the app’s universal link to Google and Apple stores.

One link - an all in one link that can route users to Google and Apple stores

Apple App store link - A standalone link of the app in the Apple App store

Google Play store link - A standalone link of the app in the Google play store

To promote specific products, QR Codes and links are also available in the Sharing tab on all products. Customers who have not installed the app but scanned the QR code or pressed the link will be routed to the app stores and if they have the app already they will be redirected to the product content straight.

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