➡️ Go to Campaigns under Engage and press +START selecting Triggered Push


➡️ Campaign name (Internal only) will need to be added, select Triggered and the channel will be Push Notifications. Press Next.

➡️ Select the Goal - Sell, Convert abandoners checkout, Transactional

➡️ You might choose an attribution window (not mandatory)


Decide on when and how this triggered campaign should function.

➡️ Trigger - Customer action in the app that will trigger the push notification - scroll down to select

➡️ Product Type - won't be for all only when it's related to product.

➡️ Send At* - Time of trigger or Relative time to trigger (Send 1 hour after the action happened)

➡️ Send Limits - Define the internal for sending this push.


On the tab What, you may select on which action to the notification will be linked and press Next


From the Who tab, select the audience saved to receive the notifications. You can always go back to the Audiences to create a new targetted Audiences, it's free and unlimited.


The content of the message will need to be set up in the Content tab.

Press Next and Publish in the Confirm tab to finalize.

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