1. Go to Audiences under Engage in the back office and press +Audience

2. Name the audience filter you will be creating and add an attribute to use as a filter.

If you want all customers in the app to be added, you may use the attribute โ€œRegistered Atโ€ and add the condition โ€œis afterโ€ with the date you think that will include all customers.

You may add additional filters based on your target customers.

3. You can then turn on geofencing to select an area in the map and press Save.

The below tools will be available to navigate and scope out an area in the map.

Hand icon - for moving the map

Free form selector - to create a more dynamic geofence

Circle selector - to create a circular geofence

Square/Rectangle selector - to create 4 sided geofences

Only users with location services enabled will be included and will be identified based on their last know location.

4. Once saved you may now use the created Audience filter on your campaigns by adding it to the Who tab

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