With over 4 million apps available in the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store, users have plenty of options for mobile shopping, entertainment, health, productivity, finances, and others.

As more apps become available on the market, competition for user’s attention is heating up. It is now more important than ever for small business owners and marketers to create marketing strategies specific to their mobile apps.

What can you do to stand out from the crowd and drive app downloads?

➡️ Invest in App Store Optimization or ASO

ASO is specifically tailored to increase the visibility of your app on a platform such as Google Play Store and App Store. The key to acing this tactic is to leverage the three golden pillars of ASO to increase visibility and help users find your app quickly.

➡️ Make a great landing page with a clear call to action

A landing page allows users to learn more about your app on mobile and desktop. Show what your audiences can do with your app, complete with links straight to your app in the App Store and Google Play Store with a clear call to action.

Asana Rebel’s landing page features simple blocks of text and images explaining their app and attracting people to download it directly.

➡️ Partner with influencer

With the rise of influencer marketing, getting an influencer to drop a review or rate your app will endear people to download the app. You can choose someone who are popular as YouTube vloggers with tech specialty including mobile apps. You could even have them feature your app on their platforms.

➡️ Create an amazing video introduction

With the short span of attention, not everyone will understand all the benefits of your app simply from reading a simple description and screenshots. Showcase your app with a simple, 30-second video that can exhibit your app's advantage. You can also add the demo on your website, social media channels, even in your app store listing.

➡️ Stay active on social media

Having a solid social media presence is essential for most brands, especially those with a mobile app. Identify your audience and select different platforms to create consistent posts that appeal. You can also leverage any existing audience to gain traction with user-generated content.

Airbnb is constantly publishing user-generated content to demonstrate how others use the app and initiate actual discussions.

➡️Encourage reviews and testimonials

Positive reviews from your present users can naturally entice another user to download your app. Reading and responding to reviews can also provide new ideas, highlight areas for development, and show potential new users that you are involved and listening to them.

➡️Run an Affiliate Program

Setting up an affiliate program with a solid offer can make people organically promote your content through their channels. Create a good affiliate program that offers legitimate benefits to the referrer, such as in-app rewards and benefits to actual cash.

➡️Create a robust SEO strategy

Because not all mobile app success comes from sponsored channels, you'll need to develop an SEO strategy. Start by using a keyword research tool to choose topics with high search traffic to write. Though it may not be an instant way, SEO can help you rank higher in search engine results pages and increase traffic to your website or blog.

➡️Find a partner to cross-promote

As an ad exchange where you allow another app to advertise within your app, cross-promotion is a great way to generate new installs. This is especially effective if the products are complementary and leverage your partner's audience.

McDonald's and UberEats teamed up to run a cross-promotional campaign for each other's products and services.

➡️Don’t forget about email marketing

Did you know that email marketing remains the most efficient form of digital marketing? With an average return on investment of about $36 for every $1 spent, email marketing should be your ultimate strategy. Start by collecting emails of interested prospects with an integrated sign-up form attached to a landing page. Thus, you can share relevant content periodically to make them engaged until they convert.

No matter how refined and functional your app is, it won't get downloaded if you don't put any effort into promoting it. If you use some of the ideas we've discussed, you'll be well on your way to 100k app downloads in no time.

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