STEP 1 - Creating an account

1. Press Sign up in their website

2. A pop up will appear and an email will be needed to enter and press Get Started

3. A series of forms will appear and need to be filled in.

Starting with your company particulars. You may select “I am a merchant” under About me and press next on every form that is filled and finish by adding the origin address.

STEP 2 - Creating an Access token

1. From the left pane of the page look for Connect

2. Press New Integration and look for API integration at the bottom of the page.

3. A pop- up window will appear to name the Integration. You may choose the app name.

4. Once the Access token is created, copy the whole string and send it via chat to Kaddra or email to

STEP 3 - Creating webhooks

1. Once the token is sent to Kaddra, the customer success team would provide a link or webhook url to be added in EasyShip. Copy this url and press Connect from the left pane in EasySHip and press Webhooks.

2. Press Add new webhook

3. A pop- up window will appear and you may add the webhook URL to the field Webhook Endpoint URL. Put a tick to shipment.tracking.status.changed and press Create.

4. Once it’s created it will generate the secret key, kindly send the key via chat or email at Set the status to Active and Save

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