Social media ads have become a necessity. This is where marketers stepped up their game and used paid social media advertising to gain an even bigger advantage. Here are 6 clear steps on how to run your first successful paid ad.

1. Set Clear Goals and understand your KPIs

When you start building paid ads, the first thing you will need to ask is: what is your campaign trying to achieve? From building awareness to sales conversion, all the social media platforms give you the ultimate control to set the campaign goals.

2. Pick the right platform

According to Sprout Social Index, the secret to reaching potential customers is prioritising the right platform to launch the campaign. Simply put, different networks involve different goals. Begin your journey with the social platform you’re the most familiar with. Stick with the single platform where you can score the most customer engagements.

3. Fine-tune audience targeting

Most of the platforms allow the marketeers to include or exclude audiences based on a number of factors, including:

✔️ Demographics such as age, location, industry, and education.

✔️ Interests in a wide range of areas.

✔️ Behaviours, including purchase behavior

✔️ Custom audiences using your own customer lists

✔️ Look-alike audiences modeled the ones that already engaged with your brand

The more filters you’ve applied, the better the performance from your ads will come.

For more convenience, you can always save the setting to run the next campaign and tweak the definition to perfect it.

4. Creating the best creatives Nowadays, customers are much harder to please. In addition to that, researching existing ads is an essential part of social media marketing. Make a point from stellar social ads from reputable brands. Take note of good and bad points to make creatives that match the message of your campaign.

5. Set your budget and…launch.

Budgeting is crucial for paid ads as it determines the ‘lifetime’ of your campaign. A daily budget allows your ad to be run for a set number of days while a longer budget allows you for more. Once that is decided, it is now time to launch your paid ad.

6. Optimize for Better Performance

The perks of running social media ads are the ease of ensuring you’re tracking the right metrics and KPI’s within your campaign. Now that you have launched your campaign, it is time to track its success via data analytics. With these data, you will be able to see if there is an ROI from your paid campaigns or if traffic is what you are after- if your campaign has helped you gain followers.

Now that you've mastered the fundamentals of sponsored social media, you can confidently embark on your first campaign. While there's a lot to cover, the paid social media activity will provide you with a comprehensive view of the next campaign. Thus, with trial and error, you will soon unlock the full potential of your digital initiatives.

As always, if you need support, we’re just a chat away.

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