1. Click Partners in the back office and press +Partner to create a new one.

2. Add the below details:

Name - business name of the partner

Notification Emails - Email address to be notified to the partner

Use as Default - Will be pre-selected wherever the Partner is required and used for integrations.

Physical Address - Add address if needed

Admin Contact Details - add contact information for reference

Type of Partner Relationship * - Select if partner, store, supplier or vendor

Use Partner Payment Gateway - if enabled, payment gateway for the partner will need to be added in the partner access.

Partner Transaction Fee (%) - transaction fee reference

Use Sub Order Fulfilment Workflow - if enabled partner will need to manually fulfil orders

Is Partner GST/VAT Registered? - When enabled the purchase order will calculate the sales tax.

Credit Terms - The due date on the purchase order will be calculated based on this value.

Default Delivery/Pickup Lead Time - lead time of products under this partner, this can be overriden on an individual product basis

3. Press Save to finalize

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