From Products in the back office press Settings and then Category layouts.

Press the +Category Layout to to add a new one or press the edit button to update an existing.

When adding a new layout you will need to assign a name first and then you may update the settings after

When setting up a column list in category layouts you will need to edit the category layout and press +Component with below settings.

Section - Body

Component Type - Product List

Product type - add preferred product type the layout will only include in the display, if empty it will include all product types in the category.

Item sorting - sets order of the products

Max Items - maximums products to display

RSS Feed URL - field for the link if content will be taken from an RSS feed

Show CTA - to enable call to action icons in product list view.

Show Title Grouping - if fields are used as filters this can be enabled

Show item images - to enable if images need to appear in the list

Press Save and make sure to add in the category configuration in Categories to be applied

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