➡️ From the back office navigate to Products, Setting and then Categories.

➡️ Press +Add Category and window will pop to set up a category or subcategory
Title - Name of the category and this will appear in the app
Code - category code is automatically generated when title is added
Parent Category - If left blank the category will appear as the main category, If an existing category is assigned the current category being created will be a subcategory of the selected.
App Route - you may select on how the category should behave like how the products will be displayed, which product/content it will be linked or display subcategories.
Partners Allowed to Edit Products - this is optional and can be used to limit partner access in the aggregator model.
Tick boxes - Put a tick to “Hide from feed?” only if you need the category content to not appear in Discover feed. You may ignore the other three tick boxes,
Language - depending on the preferred language translations in the app you may select a language and upload a particular image for it.
Image - drag and drop the preferred image in the square box to upload

➡️ Press Save when all category details are added.
Once the newly created category is appearing in the category grid you may edit it to add the publishing rule.

➡️ Another window will pop up that includes all the category details added earlier.
Select the Publishing tab and you will need to select a segment and market. Press add and save after.

➡️ The category will be saved as draft and once ready to publish in the app, you may press the Publish button under the category.

App Route and Category Layout Display options

🔷 Product Link - This enables the category/subcategory to route to a specific product/content with an option to automatically execute the call to action or open the content page first.

🔷 Link to Screen - categories can be used to route to a specific page in the app like Bag, Booking History, Discover, Favourites and Global Search.

🔷Category Layout - different product list preconfigured layout options can be selected

Below are display samples in the app of the commonly used layouts.

🔷 Category List 1x Col

🔷 Category List 2x Col

🔷 Subcategory List 1x Col

🔷 Subcategory List 2x Col

🔷 Category drawer list Circle image

🔷 Category drawer list Square image

🔷 1x Column List

🔷 2x Column List

🔷 3x Column List

🔷Horizontal Carousels

🔷 Products List

🔷 Products Feed (Discover)

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