➑️ From the back office navigate to Products, Setting and then Categories.


➑️ Press +Add Category and window will pop to set up a category or subcategory


βœ… Title - Name of the category and this will appear in the app

βœ… Code - category code is automatically generated when title is added

βœ… Parent Category - If left blank the category will appear as the main category, If an existing category is assigned the current category being created will be a subcategory of the selected.

βœ… Screen Type - you may choose the type of screen that will be used when a customer clicks on this category.

βœ… Category Layout - you may choose the layout that you want to use when this category renders.

βœ… Layout - layout on how products/categories will be displayed

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βœ… Search Layout - you may choose the layout that you want to use when a search is performed.

βœ… Product Link - choose a product to be directed to after pressing the category by selecting which product type first and then the specific product name.

βœ… Link to Screen - select a specific screen in the app the category will route to when pressed. For example, bag, bookings history, favourites etc.

βœ… Partners Product Edit Access - choose the partners that are able to edit the products in this category from their partner back office.

βœ… Publishing Rules - choose which markets the category will be visible in and set the segments that can view the category. Once selected, click the +add button to save the selection.

βœ… Image - drag and drop the preferred image in the square box to upload. This could either be rectangle dimension (1100 x 400) or square (800 x 800). You can have a different image per language. If there is no image per language, it will use the image from the default language.

➑️ Press Save when all category details are added.

➑️ The category will be saved as draft and once ready to publish in the app, you may press the Publish button under the category.

Below are display samples in the app of the commonly used layouts.

πŸ”· Category List 1x Col

πŸ”· Category List 2x Col

πŸ”· Subcategory List 1x Col

πŸ”· Subcategory List 2x Col

πŸ”· Category drawer list Circle image

πŸ”· Category drawer list Square image

πŸ”· 1x Column List

πŸ”· 2x Column List

πŸ”· 3x Column List

πŸ”·Horizontal Carousels

πŸ”· Products List View

πŸ”· Products Feed (Discover)

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