➡️ When logged in to the back office, click "Orders", click “Setting”.

➡️ Select “Delivery Services”.

➡️ Click the “Setting” tab and fill in the necessary information in the General Setting, API Credentials and Option column.

  • General Setting: Fill in the name and contact number of the PIC who consigns the package to the courier. You may select one of your packages on the default logistic packages column (this will need to be configured first in the Packages tab).

  • API Credentials: Please contact Kaddra Success Team who will be in touch with LALAMOVE for your API credentials.

  • Option: When you request a delivery LALAMOVE will be automatically selected for these countries.

➡️ Click on the “Packages” Tab, you will find the Add Package and Current Packages section.

a. Add Package: Fill in Package Name, Size and Weight, Enable to toggle if you want to set this package as a default package. Size and Weight will vary depending on how the package will be.e.g 0.3 x 0.4 x 0.5 cm, 3 kg. Click on the Save button.

b. Current Packages: 1 package is the minimum to be set. You may select one of the packages as a default by clicking on the setting icon, it will say default next to the package name. If you wish to remove the package, you may click on the delete icon next to the setting icon.

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