With so many competitions out there these days, SME business owners are fighting over the same pie to reach out to the right target audience in the shortest time possible. That being said, with more than 4 billion users around the globe using social media for at least 2 hours a day, businesses now have a better reach and opportunity to present their solutions internationally. The question now lies in which early bird shall catch the worms first?

So why do paid social media advertising when you can just share your products and services on social media? Here are 10 solid reasons why investing in paid social media ads can bring ROI to your business in the shortest possible time and for the longer run.

1. Effective targeting marketing.

Paid ads help you to effectively target your audience by behaviours, preferences, locations, interests and even daily activities. Your ads will be displayed to users who are more aligned to be your ideal buyers at a faster rate. Simply put, effective target marketing means being able to remind your customers of their unmet needs. Social media paid ads work to achieve that.

2. Increase Traffic.

A higher traffic load means a bigger chance of generating conversions from viewers to buyers. Social media paid ads help your business to get noticed fast, and where exposure is concerned, traffic can definitely generate sales.

3. Boost Brand awareness and Brand loyalty.

As social media users (practically everybody, these days) see your ads, you can build a presence and reach out to your potential customers directly. This can also create organic brand loyalty quicker. On the plus side, your audience is usually more willing to engage with brands they support (Read: follow on social media) via the user brand experience.

4. Increased ROI with better reach.

Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are continuously investing and revamping their advertising platforms for powerful audience targeting. The end result? Helping brands who understand the gameplay create better brand visibility thus boosting sales. In terms of dollars and cents, social media paid ads give you faster sales in an easy, quick and affordable manner in depth and in breadth.

5. Gain long-term engagement with your customers.

Unlike website traffic, social media paid ads give you long-term engagement versus the traditional one-off sales. Long-term engagement also helps you build stronger customer relationships based on trust. Giving you access to your own tribe which is ever-ready to try your new products.

6. Better, faster customer service.

Social media paid ads give your customers a sense of confidence in the brand through constant, non-invasive visual reminders. This lets them know that a brand is approachable and is always willing to help. Creating brand confidence and brand loyalty while you get to provide faster customer service.

7. Readily available crowd for Remarketing.

Social media ads give high visibility to your brand and work to remind your followers of the latest products and services you have. This makes remarketing a smoother experience as well.

8. Raw data on Customer insights and purchasing patterns.

As with most things these days, anything on the internet can and may be used to generate insights. Social media paid ads allow you to retrieve readily available raw data on your customers’ purchasing needs and patterns. This way, you can target them more specifically to generate better sales.

9. The power of influence-sharing is caring.

Unlike traditional marketing methods, social media platforms allow users to share what they see with their peers. Getting on social media paid ads also means a quicker, easier chance for your advertisement to be shared internationally, whenever, wherever.

10. Stay competitive.

As the start of this article suggests, the early bird does indeed catch the worm first. In today’s world where social media platforms dominate almost every aspect of an individual’s life from work to fitness, health to leisure, choosing to not advertise via social media may mean losing out on long-term business revenue.

So what next?

At the end of the day, businesses flourish when there is a return of investment. Social media paid advertising is a great tool not to be ignored as part of your money-making strategy to help your business grow exponentially. Start this conversation with someone who knows best today.

Looking to get started but don’t know where to begin? Seek professional expertise—talk to someone who is knowledgeable in paid social media ads today.

Authored by MediaUnboxxed.

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