Automating your Christmas campaign with Kaddra Engage amidst the holiday rush is as easy as one-two-three. With the recent updates to Kaddra Engage, we have made it even more convenient for you to deliver your holiday campaign in just a few clicks.

The “Campaigns” tab under the “Engage” menu will now feature both “Scheduled” and “Triggered” campaign types.

  • Choose “Scheduled” if you are publishing a one-off campaign at a specific time

  • Choose “Triggered” if you want to automate your campaign when a specific, pre-defined event is triggered

Here are a few tips to help you get started with Kaddra Engage:

  • Segment your customers with over 100 data points

Our marketing engine is able to analyse and segment users based on behaviors and demographic information, so you can craft highly targeted and effective campaigns.

  • Engage with customers in a more personal way

Knowing your target audience means personalising your message to each customer. Use “Triggered” campaign type to remind your customers of abandoned items in their shopping cart and improve your sales conversion.

  • Prepare your push notifications calendar ahead of time

From scheduling to delivering the message, Kaddra Engage helps you set up every push notification campaign in just minutes. That means you can spend more time planning a rich content calendar, and automate your campaigns for maximum results.

Need support to set up your automated marketing campaign? Please feel free to let us know.

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