To start with the loyalty system, just let our Success Team to knows and we will enable this module in your back-office ✅!

We will guide you​ on how to set up the loyalty but few things to think about:

1. What are the reward types? It can be Cashback* / Fixed value or % discount**

* Cash-back loyalty programs reward clients by giving them back part of the amount they spent on the purchase.

** Earned points can be redeemed in fixed value or % discount to be used at check-out

It can be one of them or both.

2. Select the timezone

3. Select the currency (The base currency of the loyalty program). Note that if you are operating in other markets using different currencies, transactions not in this currency will be automatically converted to this currency before calculating points. These settings can't be changed.


1. Decide if the earning points should have an expiration after X days. Points will expire after X days from the date of the original transaction. Our advice is to not set expiration and set up expiration reward vouchers to be used during a certain time.

2. Do you want to lock the points for X days? Points can be locked and unable to be used until X days after the transaction.

3. Option to downgrade tier automatically. The downgrade tier can be based on:

  • On X days

Customer level will be recalculated every X number of days based on accumulated points counting from registration date/last downgrade date or last tier change.

If at the end of the specified period (registration date/last downgrade date/last tier change + the number of days every which customer level is recalculated) the customer won’t reach enough points to stay at the same tier, a customer will be relegated to a level which his points determine.

  • On Active Points: Earned points within X days or Earned points since last tier change

4. Reset points - When enabled all active points will expire at the same time as the downgrade.

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