A push notifications can be a powerful marketing tool at your disposal.

A push notification can be a powerful marketing tool that helps your brand engage your customers, wherever they are. Pulling from our data & insights, here are 3 tips to help you craft a winning push notification strategy.

Personalise your message

Knowing your customers’ behaviours and activities allows you to serve a hyper relevant message in your push notifications. Research has shown that a personalised push notification can generate up to 50% higher click through rate than a generic push notification.

If your customers have abandoned items in their carts, give them a nudge with a personalised message. You may also add a time limit to your message to create a sense of urgency and incentivise actions more effectively.

Choose when to send

While planning your push notification strategy, one thing you can not afford to miss is the day. Industry research has shown that brands get maximum engagement from customers when sending their push notifications in the timetable below.

Each brand may have a different optimal push notification time. Please ensure you keep testing to find the push notifications schedule that works best for your customers.

Always use emoji

Emojis can make a huge impact on increasing engagement.

In fact, studies have shown that using certain emojis can increase click-through rates for your campaigns. However, do avoid spamming your push notifications with too many emojis as they could disrupt the meaning of your message. You may use emojis at the end of your sentences to emphasise and drive home the meaning of your message.

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