Kaddra integrates with Shopify using a Private App model.
Credentials will need to be obtained to be keyed in the back office.

Below are the steps:

1. Click on Apps from Shopify console then Manage Private Apps.
Press Create new private app.

2. Fill in the Private app name and your Emergency developer email, you may name it after the name of your app.
You may then press the Show Inactive Admin API permissions to update.

3. Please refer to the below information on granting access level to the API Key and press Save from the lower right side of the page.

Admin API Permissions


Access Level


View or manage customers, customer addresses, order history, and customer groups

Access scopes: read_customers, write_customers

Read and Write

Draft orders

View or manage orders created by merchants on behalf of customers

Access scopes: read_draft_orders, write_draft_orders

Read and Write


View or manage inventory across multiple locations

Access scopes: read_inventory, write_inventory

Read and Write

Order editing

View or manage edits to orders

Access scopes: read_order_edits, write_order_edits

Read and Write


View or manage orders, transactions, fulfillments, and abandoned checkouts

Access scopes: read_orders, write_orders

Read and Write

Product listings

View or manage product or collection listings

Access scopes: read_product_listings, write_product_listings

Read and Write


View or manage products, variants, and collections

Access scopes: read_products, write_products

Read and Write

4. After saving the API Key and password will be generated.

5. The API Key, password and Share secret will then be needed in the back office under General Settings, API & Integrations. API URL is the Shopify website link.

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