Ready to expand, but not sure where to start?

We have combined Asia’s award-winning mobile eCommerce solution from Kaddra and the brilliant credit card enablement platform CardUp to offer you every chance to launch your digital store with instant access to interest-free credit!

Kaddra is all about getting your business into the digital world so you can start to expand your business reach. And it is super easy to set up and maintain! We provide a very powerful digital commerce all-in-one solution through a very attractive subscription...

And to make things even better, we have teamed up with CardUp so you can shift recurring business expenses like rent, payroll, supplier invoices and more onto your credit cards – even in places where cards are not accepted. This lets you leverage on your pre-approved credit card lines to delay the impact of these expenses on your cash flow for up to two months, interest-free! With their solution, you can better manage your cash flow, allowing you to stock up your inventory and give your business a skyrocket boost!

We recently launched the iROO team into the most incredible digital journey… see what they have to say about their experience in getting their own app launched:

"From start to launch in 6 weeks, Kaddra technology and team have been exactly what we were looking for and more. The setup and onboarding were incredibly smooth and we can now run our own branded app commerce from their backend with no additional skills. We wanted to grow our fashion brand in Singapore and other South East Asia countries, using one solution and Kaddra was just perfect for what we wanted to do," said Emily Huang, Chief Operation Officer of iROO International.

So if you sign up now with us, you get 33% off the setup costs for Kaddra Mobile eCommerce.

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