1. From the back office go to Products then Settings and then select Category layouts.

2. From Category layouts, you can press +Category layout to create a new one for your Home screen. You have the option to edit the current layout used in the Home screen but we recommend you create a new one to easily revert back the changes.

You may name the new category list Home carousel with category list and press save.

3. After saving you may edit it to add components. Make sure to add the current components used by the current category layout on the home screen. Below is the common configuration. Press +Component to add the carousel in the body.

4. A pop-up window will appear to configure the carousel.

Section: Body

Component type: Carousel

Product type: this will depend on what products you want to appear on the carousel

Item sorting: this is not mandatory but options are available if you need them.

Max items: maximum products that will be available in the carousel

Header: A text header will appear on top of the carousel # of columns: for a banner type image it will be 1, other options will display images in a square.

5. Press on the next tab Product filters to configure how the products that will appear in the carousel will be filtered. Depending on the product configuration and fields available to them these will be available, however, if none is appearing further configuration is needed which you will need to send a request or enquiry to the customer success team. If all are available, you may press Save. The position of this carousel is determined by how it was arranged in the body section.

6. To apply the category layout you will need to go to Categories under Product Settings and edit Home.

7. Another window will pop up. Update the below details and press save,

App Route: Category layout

Category layout: select Home carousel with category list or the name of the newly created layout.

Category layout for search results: 2x Column list

8. You can then press publish on Home on the categories page. To test if the change is applied you will need to close the app and relaunch it.

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