Points earned by customers can be used to redeem rewards for their purchases.

In creating a reward below information is needed.

1. Reward Type - Either a fixed value or percentage discount can be selected.

2. Name - Give the reward a unique name e.g. $10 off. Customers will see this.

3. Description - Describe the reward. Customers will see this.

4. Terms & Conditions - The terms and conditions of the reward. Customers will see this (optional).

5. Points cost - The cost in points for the customer to redeem the reward.

6. Markets - Choose the markets where this reward can be redeemed and used.

7. Tiers - Choose the tiers that can redeem and use this reward.

8. Expire after X days - The reward will expire after this number of days from the time it is redeemed. The customers’ points will not be credited at the time of expiry.

9. Image - The image for the reward must be a square (1:1 resolution). Customers will see this. The Reward can also be set active on the same page.

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