➡️ When logged in to the back office, click "Marketing."

➡️ Select “Discount

➡️ Click on “+Create Discount Code

➡️ Fill up the fields as below:

  1. Create Code - preferably unique, short and catchy

  2. Code applies to - set the desired “market”

  3. Discount Type - can be either “Percentage” or “Fixed Amount”

  4. Applies to - “Entire order”, “Specific Categories” or “Specific products”

  5. Segments - set the desired “segment” to enjoy this discount

  6. Customer - this is optional, enter a specific customer # to enjoy this discount

  7. Minimum Requirements - is a condition for the discount, it can either be “None”, “Minimum purchase” or “Minimum quantity of items” to be set.

  8. Usage Limits - is either to set “Limit number of times code can be used in total” or set as “ Limit to one use per customer” only.

  9. Code Duration - set up “Start Date to End Date” and “Start Time to End Time” or it is “Perpetual”

  • Once all fields have been filled in, click "Activate Code"

Below is an example of a discount creation:

💡 Tips from Kaddra

This created code will be shared in all your communication to the customers, don't forget to include the code to use as well as the applied conditions.

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