Audience filters customers based on their app activity and common information from your application. It’s a very powerful tool to define your customers segmentation as well as defining to whom you should send the push notifications. The right message to the right customer at the correct time, key of an impactful message and engagement.

Audiences are unlimited and can be set-up at anytime but an immediate use.

These filters can sort customers into a list that automatically populates based on their attributes. The sorted data results can then be extracted to use for marketing.

  • You may press Audience under Engage module and Press +Audience

  • You will be able to add a name to the audience that is being created and select if results need to match All or Any of the conditions.

  • There will be a dropdown box from the lower left side of the page where it will list all possible attributes to use as conditions for filtering the customers.

  • After selecting an attribute to use there will be options to select to sort or segregate the data gathered.

And you can add multiple conditions to better refine the data needed to build a targeted list. A preview of the data is generated in the upper right part of the page.

  • Once the conditions are saved, you may then view the list and export it.

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