The fastest way to increase your mobile app downloads is to funnel your website’s traffic to your mobile app stores. Installing a download banner on your website, for example, could be an efficient approach to attracting new users to your app. Here are 3 tips to help you craft a high-performing app download banner:

  • Make the visual pop

Ensure you apply the psychology of colors to the creation of your banner. A recent study reveals that the colors on a banner influence 85% of shoppers' decisions. To make your app download banner stand out, you may consider using neon colors that pop and immediately grab the attention of your website visitors.

Using a bright neon color that stands out, MonkingMe Music App immediately grabs web visitors’ attention and entice them to click through

  • Deliver a concise message

Given the limited attention span of internet users, make sure your banner grabs attention immediately with a single glance. This means that you have to ensure your audience understands the headline in your banner instantly. Advertising experts suggest that you should keep the length of your copy to between 5 and 10 words.

Target’s banner brilliantly highlights the key benefits of the app in just 3 words

  • Redirect website traffic to the app store

Most of your customers will use their mobile phones or tablets to visit your website, so redirecting them to the app stores will make a very smooth transition for your audience.

Follow our instructions below to implement the banner.

Converting website visitors into app users guarantees that each user that enters your marketing funnel remains in the funnel.

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